Triple Citrus Slushie

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Time to pucker up!

No, no, no.. I’m not going to lay one on you. That would just be way too personal for our online relationship, wouldn’t it?

Oh, all right… just because we’re tighter than a double-knotted corset on an oversized gorilla princess.


Was that as good for you as it was for me? {Is it getting hot as a sauna in Death Valley up in here?}

Ok.  Let’s cool down with a Triple Citrus Slushie, shall we?

Pucker up and Cool Down with this delicious and refreshing Triple Citrus Slushie!

First, grab an orange, a lemon and a lime.  This will make enough juice for two individual Slushies.

triple citrus slushie

Next, beware of any citrus lovers that may be stalking you as you are trying to juice your citrus.

triple citrus slushie-2


Shoo them away and juice your fruit.  Check this post out to see what I use and love for juicing my fruits and veggies.

Once you have your juice…

triple citrus slushie-3

Dilute it with water. I added 10oz of water to my 10oz of juice and it was perfect.

triple citrus slushie-4

Next, grab your blender or your bullet.  I have the Ninja

and it came with two single serving cups.  IT’S AWESOME.

Let me take just a minute and tell you about this.  These little single serving guys are like truly having fourteen tiny sized Ninjas whirling around and slaying your ice.

I’m not even exaggerating.  I used to have a “Smoothie Blender” and it left chunks of ice in it and it was gross.

Not this baby.  It’s bad-a$$.  Totally worth every stinking penny.

Ok, done proselytising… back to the Slushie.

Fill your single serving guy about three-quarters full of ice.  I used crushed just because I can.

triple citrus slushie-6

Then fill with your juice mixture.



If you want, you can add some Stevia or honey or sugar to sweeten it. I added about a tablespoon of Stevia in the Raw.

Then pop it on the Ninja…

triple citrus slushie-13

And let those bad boys fly!

triple citrus slushie-14

It’ll be hard to keep the Citrus stalkers away at this point.

So just pour and enjoy!

triple citrus slushie-5
Make sure and keep a paper towel handy, because you’re sure to get a big, slurpy smooch or two from your very own Citrus Stalkers.

Triple Citrus Slushie

Triple Citrus Slushie

Yield: 1 slush
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

A delicious and refreshing citrus slushie for hot days!


  • 1 large orange
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 lime
  • water to dilute
  • 1 TBS Stevia in the Raw or other sweetener
  • 10 ice cubes


  1. Juice your fruit.
  2. Add enough water to double your juice.
  3. Blend with ice.
  4. Enjoy!


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